Sunday, January 30, 2011

Painted Hearts - Collecting

Last year, I created a post about my collection of milagro hearts. Above are some new additions to that collection - part Day of the Dead, part street art, part mask - they appeal to me with their whimsy and handpainted charm. I purchased these new hearts made from cardboard as pieces of artwork in a local Brooklyn shop. They were created by a local artisan/tv director named Jimbo Matison. Growing up, his family didn't have a lot of money so he would make his own toys from cardboard - action figures, robots, and hot rod cars. He later realized, "this is more than just making goofy stuff with cardboard, it has life and meaning. It's art."


  1. Jimbo must have been some smart imaginative kid!
    Love his art today!!


  2. I agree, what a creative and talented person

  3. love them, Jimbo!

  4. These hearts immediately caught my eye. They look great against that gray background. Thanks for sharing Jimbo's story! Did you get the Etsy convo I sent you?


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