Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New York Fashion Week - The Blonds (Fall 2011)

Ever hear of Lady Gaga? Sure you have. Ever wonder where some of her outrageous outfits come from? Their clothes may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the Blonds put on one heck of a lively show - a real treat for anyone who's become bored with de rigeur fashion.

The show started with a short video, then a salute to Chinese New Year with two dragons performing a dance for good luck. Even before the show, many audience members proved to be just as interesting. It's easy to feel somewhat plain next to the likes of Sex and the City stylist, Patricia Field, Eve, Amanda Lepore, and various folks from America's Next Top Model. I lived out a small dream imagining this is what New York must have been like in the 1980s with all the crazy nightlife contained in a single room.
The Blonds' over-the-top style of tinsel, sparkle, fringe, and super-saturated color immediately had me in glitter heaven. The clothes are about having fun simultaneously proving that shiny can be any girl's favorite color. (Thanks, Mimi!)

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