Monday, January 23, 2012

Message In A Bottle - Collecting

In honor of Chinese New Year (this one, the Year of the Dragon  龍 ), I thought I'd share yet another quirky little collection with you. For years, I've been finding those small pieces of paper from fortune cookies, the reward after eating a delicious Chinese meal. Long after dinner, they somehow find their way into pants pockets, a remote corner of my wallet, or crumpled at the bottom of my messy purse. I would put them aside only to come back much later and realize that a small pile of them had formed in my studio. I thought maybe I'll make some sort of art piece out of them someday.
For now, they sit in a small pharmacy bottle, contained little notes from the great beyond, each one offering me hope and advice. Others feature lucky numbers in case I want to try my odds at the lottery or make a miniscule attempt at learning a singular word in "Chinese"- which dialect or actual language, I'm not entirely sure.

新年快樂 - Happy New Year!

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  1. I've thought of creating a blog which would be opening a new fortune cookie every day from a different restaurant each time & reflecting on the thought. Not sure if I can afford to buy chinese for dinner every night for 365 days. You can get fortune cookies in bulk at the grocery store but then the experiment would be contaminated since they're all from one place.

    You should turn these into a framed wall project or laminate them into a huge vinyl shower curtain or something.


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