Wednesday, December 11, 2013

And Then There Were Two- My New Etsy Shop, Introducing Jeunesse Dorée

jeu·nesse do·rée  \zhœ-nes-dȯ-ˈrā\ n. gilded youth; wealthy, stylish, sophisticated young people.
I have a peculiar side interest. I enjoy learning unusual, nerdy words and then trying to use them in a sentence. I delight in seeing the reaction I get, if any, by testing the obscurity. Next to my desk you can find the “word of the day” vocabulary calendar, and in my inbox you would see email subscriptions to several word-a-day dictionary lists.
I recall two words from many years ago that symbolized both the elegance and rowdiness of Gatsby – jeunesse dorée, or gilded youth. The combination conjured images of socialites, world travel, fashion, frivolity, and decadent parties with a laissez faire approach to experiencing the pleasure of all the gifts life has to give. It represented a freedom I knew nothing about but have tasted maybe once or twice as a student with all of the free time in the world (even without being anywhere near financially prosperous).
I started selling on Etsy back in 2007 where I originally sold a few handmade note cards and small, random works of art. That first shop, KIPI, has undergone many transformations and renovations over the years. It has become much more cohesive overall with unique works of art created on old science and history books along with prints that have been made from those originals.
I always knew that I had other interests too – fashion, photography, and jewelry – so I created a new shop with the intent of keeping my paintings and prints separate while moving forward with products that would embody an essence of style. With this second shop, I’m coming back to my original online selling roots with my hand-assembled photography note cards once again. In the future, I will also be bringing you inspired home goods and wearable items. With this new venture, I expect it will bring more changes and modifications. In the meantime, welcome to Jeunesse Dorée! Correspond fashionably - and with flair.


  1. Wonderful Kim!! Your cards are beautiful....I'll head over to check out your shop on Etsy. xo, Suzanna

  2. Thanks for commenting, Suzanna- and thanks for the follow. I miss your art cards. I have quite a collection (as you know)!


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