Monday, April 12, 2010

Nine Brushstrokes - Artist Interview on Plaztik Mag's Blog

One day, back in the dead of winter, Plaztik Mag and I bumped into one another at a busy and well-attended Chelsea art opening for musician, activist, photographer, artist, and Mapplethorpe bff, Patti Smith. She is probably best known for the popular song, Because the Night; I wanted to tell her that my favorites happen to be E-bow the Letter (with R.E.M.) and Dancing Barefoot. Patti's artwork, although broad in style and scope, was impressive and professionally-executed.

In attendance was a tightly-pulled Calvin Klein, upcoming reality star, Kelly Cutrone, and musician, Michael Stipe - creative royalty were certainly out and representing that night! As Patti busily weaved in and out of various rooms of the gallery to personally show off her work to various pals, Plaztik and I discussed the idea of shooting their next project in my art studio. It would consist of an artist girl "type" and they needed an art space to photograph the model in situ.

In my studio, February 2010. Photo by Jmzs Smith for PlaztikMag.

About a week later, Plaztik paid a visit to my studio where they would be scouting for their next fashion shoot which would entail different types of New York Girls - and the idea for their "Downtown Girl" project was born. While having a look around, these multi-taskers also photographed me and my space for an artist interview. You can read more about me, my art and process, and my opinion about cats, tombstones, and other crazy things here.

Speaking of those ubiquitous downtown girls, I took a long walk around my neighborhood yesterday-
guess who I bumped into?

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