Friday, July 9, 2010

New York Fashion Week Re-cap - Sally Wu

The summer solstice is now officially behind us and the humidity this past week has really been unbearable, but once in a while we get a refreshing burst of air from the north and a breeze with a slight chill rolls through. Occasionally, a discolored leaf from the tree outside also falls to the ground and my thoughts immediately turn to Fall - my favorite season. It makes me think of chunky sweaters, back to school shopping, moody skies, and cups of hot tea. Even though we happen to be at the height of summer and soaring temperatures, New York's storefronts are already showing us the promise of cool weather with even cooler clothes to match. Speaking of cool clothes, at the tail end of Fashion Week, I attended the Sally Wu Fall presentation in Chelsea's art gallery district with my friends from Plaztik Mag.

The show featured light, finely-crafted sweaters and cleverly-constructed dresses and separates. The pieces embodied unusual forms, sculpted with an artistic, architectural quality. Simple yet detailed pieces were paired with sexy schoolgirl over-the-knee socks. The collection is composed primarily of black and white with neutral tones, allowing the Sally Wu woman to go  from day into night with ease and elegance. 
The fashion presentation was held at the Chambers Fine Art Gallery, a fitting venue for the triple-threat designer who is also trained in calligraphy, contemporary painting, and documentary film. The space was an intimate setting and the girls walked through the attentive, meandering crowd at eye level.
Who is the woman Sally Wu is dressing? She is part socialite, part bad-girl. She holds a high position in a creative industry or is the lead player in a philanthropy meeting; she then rushes off to afternoon tea with grandma. But after the pearls come off, she goes to meet her boyfriend who may be someone of whom grandma doesn't exactly approve.
Who is this Sally Wu girl? She's modern and fashionable. She's smart, balanced, and versatile. She's feminine, natural, adored. She is confident and effortlessly modern. She can wear something all day and look refined for a posh evening event without looking over-dressed. She can also be dressed-down and comfortable without looking sloppy. She appreciates modern, understated luxury without breaking the bank. She's someone I can see myself being friends with.
These are the clothes she is wearing when he takes notice of her and crosses the room to get to make her acquaintance. These are the clothes she is wearing to skip a day at work and spend a relaxing day with girlfriends. These are the clothes she is wearing to spend a polished night at the museum. These are the clothes she is wearing when life's most beloved moments happen.

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