Monday, November 8, 2010

Cheeky Ladies - Fashion Plates

A few months back, I posted about missing one of my favorite amusements when I was growing up- my set of Fashion Plates. I recently made one as a gift for a friend to thank her for making a nice brunch for the girls. There was already too much food, so instead of bringing a pot luck item I brought a mini-portrait of my friend.

I love playing with the combinations, and it's fun to color inside the lines again. They look great in classic black and white freshly burnished as if they are a charcoal drawing, or with brightly colored outfits. The good thing about fashion, is that it always comes back again. Even though these are very 1970s, they don't look all that outdated. Very chic! I am now selling some of these cheeky ladies (with their rosy cheeks too) here.

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