Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New York Fashion Week - Spelunking with Ann Yee, Fall 2012

I've been a lucky girl these last few years, able to attend numerous events connected to New York's Fashion Week; many in the famous tents of Bryant Park and (now) Lincoln Center. As someone who is heavily influenced by this world of art and fashion, the week's glamour overload feeds my needy muse. This season, a longtime desire has come true. For fashion designer Ann Yee's latest collection, my artwork has now become part of the show!
Tam Tam Printed Cocoon Dress
Shirley Printed Reflection Dress
This exciting project started back in the fall with an introduction by good friend, Layla, fashion maven and food blogger of Glass of Rosé. I later met with Ann who described her vision and inspiration for this collection - caves with minimal and natural pattern, abstraction, and muted colors. Ann is known for her chunky knits contrasted with diaphanous layered solid chiffon ensembles. For our print collaboration, she knew exactly what she wanted. After I busily went to work preparing some artwork, the fabric was then manufactured in no time. 
Robyn Printed Dolman Inset Maxi Dress
Gwen Printed Wrap Short
Statement jewelry by Linhardt

A few of the pieces were constructed entirely with the print, and in other places it was used as a detail highlighting willowy necks and delicate wrists. The models had either short cropped hair or a singular braid yielding a big brushy bang to match thickly-defined brows. For fall, the colors were spot on- lilac greys dominated with pops of mustard and cinnamon. Uniform combat boots kept the style grounded in a way that can only belong to Brooklyn or the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She's bewitching, but watch your step. Fitting the theme, the girls and guests enjoyed sticks of good 'ol fashioned rock candy.

Thank you, Ann. This fashion-lover's dream has finally been realized!
For more of Ann's beautiful creations, go to:


  1. Congratulations! I simply love when a plan comes together and you delivered big time on such a gorgeous, inspired print. I've always believed that fashion should be a work of art...and never has this rung truer.

  2. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!SO Proud of you Kim!Awesome!Fabulous!Inspiring!

  3. Wow - that's fantastic!!! Your fabric looks incredible! Congrats!

  4. You created a beautiful print, I love the colors. Thanks for sharring how this project evolved.

  5. OMG! Your stuff looks fantastic! And I"m so proud to member of the same group as you are.

  6. Congrats! Beautiful patterns—love them! Really fit the soft and ethereal feel of the material.

  7. Super! Congrats on your beautiful prints.

  8. Wow! Thank you all for having a look and feeling inspired enough to comment. I love it! Thank you!

  9. Love the prints...Good job. congrats! Got your linkedIn msg...Do visit my blog :)


  10. Your prints look beautiful transferred to fabric and then constructed as garments. Ann's designs are lovely, what a great team!


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