Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy (Lunar) New Year - Year of the Snake

Lion Puppets (Chinatown, New York - February 4, 2006)

According to ancient soothsayers, the Year of the Snake is associated with protection and prevention from starvation. A snake found in the house is thought to be a symbol of luck concerning finances, prosperity, and wealth. For people born under this sign or with occupational leanings towards the artistic (potters, jewelers, magicians and painters) it offers new hope.
With a big Chinatown in New York, the Lunar New Year is a big event for all New Yorkers. Colorful lions dance and shimmy in front of businesses wishing them success for the upcoming year. The sidewalks are more crowded than usual. Firecrackers snap throughout the streets and dim sum becomes a big dining event.

Happy Year of the Snake!

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