Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's An Honor Just To Be Nominated...

That's right! Someone out there likes me....they really, really like me! Ok, I'll stop with the Oscar cliches'. But really, I am very happy to be part of this first-ever virtual award on the highly-esteemed Poppytalk Blog.

If you're reading this, and you like what you see in my artwork, please vote for me by going here.

Voting ends tomorrow, Wednesday, January 27th (midnight). Thank you in advance!
xoxo ♥

(January 27, 2010 10 p.m.)
UPDATE: With just two hours to go, I am currently in second place. Thanks to some good friends who have stood behind me on this project and have truly helped me by bothering everyone in their contact lists, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts. I can only hope to be the winner when I wake up tomorrow. Then, during all the thank you's of my acceptance speech, I can say (sorry, just one more Oscar reference) "ohhhhhhh.....who else am I forgetting?" and then walk off the stage with my hands folded in a prayer-like fashion as I bow to the crowd full of my adoring fans.

...and now back to your regularly scheduled program.

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