Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Lunch Stop in Leipzig

Shopping can make you quite hungry, especially when it's an outdoor winter sport. Our next stop was a brief jaunt to Leipzig, home of the largest Advent Calendar and Bach. Our lunch stop consisted of more gluhwein (of course) and a kartoffelpuffer (potato pankcakes with sour cream) all served outside.

Here, each Christmas stall at the market has a very decorative roof. My favorites were the cherubs above, or the three chefs working hard at their loaves of stollen, a dense cake similar to a fruitcake (bottom photo).

Above is the Thomaskirche (or St. Thomas Church) where Johann Sebastian Bach once worked as an unknown choir director and school teacher. As part of his job, he was expected to compose an original cantata for weekly church services. He only achieved fame posthumously when later choir directors appreciated the complexity and breath of the body of work he left behind. His body was moved from the cemetery down the street to inside the the church. Today, you can enjoy Bach's music played on the organ during concerts and practice sessions.
 The mtoif of the angel and soldier carrying torches was prevalent throughout Germany.
A market stall lined with heart-shaped gingerbread cookies.
 Winter wonderland dreams on the inside of a snow globe.
 Another highly decorated market stall rooftop.
The enormous Advent Calendar. 
Next stop.....Dresden.

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