Friday, December 24, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - New York's Christmas Windows

Halloween was barely over when New Yorkers were thrust into the holidays full throttle. The Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center has been in place for well over a month now and enjoyed by literally thousands.
Above, a replica of the star of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree also stands at eye level,
and the windows at Bergdorf's are always a treat for the eyes.

Above, more windows from Bergdorf's and decorations in front of the Plaza Hotel.
Above, the colorful starry light show at the Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle.

Everyone has been busily prepping with lights and decorations to lure shoppers from all over the globe. Despite the sometimes unbearable crowds, natives also get to enjoy this time of year as they see the big city transformed into a cheery wonderland. The window displays of the large department stores are my favorite all year round, but their Christmas windows are always fabulously over the top. During the holiday season, New York puts its best foot forward for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of my favorite photos and scenes from last year too.

The windows at Saks Fifth Avenue, 2009 depicting a childrens' story about the travels of Twinkle, the snowflake.

Bergdorf's spectacular homage to Louis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in a series of windows called a "Compendium of Curiosities", 2009. The queens featured in the four suits of playing cards sit in ball gowns in a display that is turned on its side as the ladies pop out at passers-by in a distorted birds' eye view perspective.

Always quirky with a creative sense of humor, the Barneys window display honored a New York institution, Saturday Night Live. Below, a portion of a Christmas tree inside the store compiled from globes and vintage mannequin heads, 2009.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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