Saturday, February 6, 2010

Favorite Places - Storm King

This weekend, I am happily housebound by nasty winter weather and reflecting on one of my latest roadtrips. This past November, I rented a car and drove upstate to the Storm King Sculpture Park. It's located a little over an hour north of New York City in the Hudson Valley, and is a peaceful, meditative place settled on 500 acres of rolling fields. On nicer days, you can pack a lunch and spend the entire day looking at massive outdoor sculptures by prominent artists (Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, Maya Lin, Andy Goldsworthy, and Mark di Suvero) while taking in a breath of fresh air. To us cramped New Yorkers, this is a place where you can run around freely, roll down the leaf-covered hills and dales (guilty), and hear the echo of crows calling to one another in the otherwise silent landscape. I've been to this wonderful outdoor sanctuary for the arts (and the soul) about three times. I often get carried away when I start taking photographs, especially of places as beautiful as this - here are some of my favorites.

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