Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic-Themed Artwork

Vancouver is now almost over, and tonight marks the end of another winter Olympics with another Closing Ceremony. Here and there, I've been watching the ice skating with fascination, snowboarding with awe, the curling with befuddled curiosity (is it like a frozen version of bocce?), and the luge with admiration, sometimes horror. Admittedly, I have much more interest in the Summer Olympics. As a former competitive swimmer, I like to watch the swimming and diving because I understand it, and know what the anxiety and rivalry of a race feels like. Swimming was and is the extent of my athleticism; maybe some tennis here and there. Watching the Winter Games for extended periods also just makes me kind of cold, which is not helpful here in the Northeast. I think New York has had more snow than Canada recently. The unruly weather has definitely given me more time to paint. Below are some of the pieces I've created recently with the Olympics in mind. Congratulations to all of the athletes!

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