Thursday, February 18, 2010

NY Fashion Week - Celeb Sighting, Heidi Klum

Since it's officially Project Runway night, and since tonight officially marks the wrap-up of another New York Fashion Week, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of the ever-gorgeous, Heidi Klum. These photos were taken at the Elise Overland fashion show last Saturday night at Exit Art. This show was one of those fashion events happening outside of the much bigger and frenzied Tents of Bryant Park. I enjoy the offsite shows (or, as I refer to them, the "Off Broadway" shows) which offer attendees a much more intimate and rich fashion experience. In my opinion, it is the better way to see the clothes. For me, personally, I get much more interesting photos. Heidi stopped to talk and accommodate several spontaneous interviews. The Project Runway host, producer, and judge truly possesses an elfin, almost alien kind of beauty.
After a busy week of buzzing around the city to stacked art and fashion events (plus, making it to the day job too) I decided to blow off a few art events scheduled in Chelsea tonight. I'm taking the night off to snuggle with my laptop and write, share pictures, and watch the show- this time, on tv!
Interviewing with Lauren Ezersky of Behind the Velvet Ropes

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