Friday, February 26, 2010

Emerging New Series

By grouping and cropping similar styles within my ongoing series of paintings on old book pages, a potential new series of large paintings has been born. After posting newly-created images online, multiple friends have commented on how I must be running out of space with all of this new work. They did not realize how small they all are in actual scale. Having always worked quite large, they just assumed these latest pieces were just as grand. What an interesting idea! Although they have a reference to collage with the same areas of translucency and opacity with text and pictures peeking through from underneath, I never envisioned them that way. I thought about how a bigger format would look, and I wasn't sure  that they could stand alone as larger versions. By playing with certain pieces in Photoshop, I started to see new paintings emerge.

Every artist undergoes transformation and new styles as they continue to work. And so for the moment, I've put my renderings of circles and cellular forms on the back-burner. I've found an affinity for fresh forms and have accidentally adopted this curved psychedelic/ peacock feather/ lobe shape. I've merged a few samples, and these will become models for my next large paintings. The two bodies of work, small and large, have formed an exciting synergistic relationship.

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