Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New York Fashion Week Re-cap - Alexander Berardi

Starting tomorrow, the Armory Show and a string of other art fairs will be descending upon New York. Translation: it's like Fashion Week for the Art World. It's an exhausting, frenetic overview of what's happening right now in the art market, and is global in scale. The biggest draw is the Armory Show- some of the others include Pulse, Volta, Scope, Fountain, Red Dot, and Verge. Galleries throughout the Chelsea are also very involved with offerings of liquid brunches, and the Brooklyn galleries stay open very late. It's a really fun time if you have the stamina. Similar to Fashion Week, the smaller shows are often more interesting, and if you go to more than one of them, you start to notice trends.

So, with that said, I thought I would start keeping up with my recent Fashion Week adventures before they become a very distant memory. My first show for Fall 2010 was Alexander Berardi (on the same night as the Pufferella opening at Factory Fresh). Out of thirty looks, these photos are my artsy favorites. For far more extensive fashion coverage that goes well beyond this special week, go to Plaztik Mag.

The whole night felt like I was going from one party to the next. The crowd at Berardi was fun, with the attendees seeming more like the club kids from the 80's or right out of the movie, Party Monster. Sometimes, I sit with the crowd, but tonight, I decided to take some shots from the photographer's "pit" where I spied celebrity fashion writer and reality star, Patrick McDonald (from Bravo's Launch My Line), and the loveable Justin Tranter, front-man of the Brooklyn band, Semi-Precious Weapons (who posed several times for me in his sparkly gold booties); it's just so unfortunate that none of them turned out very well with the low lighting prior to the start of the show.

Here's some more flavor of other audience members.

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