Friday, March 5, 2010

New York Fashion Week Re-cap - Agent Provacateur

If you'll permit me to keep rewinding back to February, there are more Fashion Week chronicles that must be told!

Just in time for Valetines everywhere, lingerie brand, Agent Provacateur, hosted a bubbly-filled presentation in their SoHo store. And, just in time to provide for a boozy respite from the chaos of the Tents, I joined a Valentine party with ever-fashionable duo from Plaztik Mag, and bonded with fellow newbie bloganista, Mel Rose, who was on the other side of the lens for tonight.

In the front store window, a blonde rockabilly nymphette beckoned passers-by to join us inside the store as we sipped some very tasty and expensive champagne. 

This event was part Amsterdam, part Eyes Wide Shut, part carnevale, but totally fun and completely New York. The store was full of guys buying a little something special for their ladies, gobs of press, and plenty of curious on-lookers. This coquettish shop carries the obvious bras and panties in not-so-obvious styles (discover your inner superhero- Wonder Woman, anyone?), corsets, accessories of all kinds, hosiery, swimwear, and even jewelry.

A heady treat for guys and girls alike. This is Candyland for adults.
Next stop, Elise Overland.

 Porcupine love?                                               

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