Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Plaztik Mag's "Downtown Girl"

Remember that fashion shoot I previewed here a few months ago? Well, the much-anticipated final result is now ready! Below are some of my own snapshots from the shoot. Be sure to check out the real thing.

My 'very bored, extremely beautiful' friends over at Plaztik Mag have done it again. Their next issue (video) and blog series is about the various types of urban downtown girls. A little bit of her exists in all of us. Who is she? She's the creative, free-spirit; the demure and mysterious bookish type; she's a rocker, a music-lover, and she loves to play it loud; but be careful- she can also be the dangerous type. You know her, she never goes above 14th Street, she rises at noon, she stays up very late, she calls the deepest, darkest bowels of the city her playground, and she's always a stylish fille.

The first girl profiled in the series is The Artist, the urban archetype who was styled and photographed in my very own art studio.
What does she do? Well, before doing any painting, she sits back and thinks very deep thoughts, of course! Instead of falling down the rabbit hole, our modern Alice has tripped over a subway grate and into her art studio, a labyrinth of swirling color- all the while wearing couture, naturally. Who is this girl? Well, she's me! (....and she's you too.)

"she lives every night in a whirl;
she's a downtown girl.
she won't even try;
she'll make you wanna die;
downtown girl.
she doesn't know there's nothing there;
downtown girl.
she thinks she'll talk my heart;
downtown girl."

Downtown Girl. Now appearing.... EVERYWHERE.


  1. This is wonderful Kim! Loved seeing the glimpse inside your studio. The way the your paintings were incorporated into the stills and video was done so beautifully. I love the vintage children's books in some of the shots too. Well done Plaztik Mag!!

  2. Thanks, Suzanna- I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for taking a thorough tour of what they've done.

  3. looks great!! I love shooting with james and mimi!!!

    xo anita

  4. It was great meeting you and nice work, Anita. I'm glad you like the post- I had so much fun that day.


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