Thursday, March 11, 2010

New York Fashion Week Re-cap - Elise Overland

After the bubbly afternoon delight over at Agent Provacateur, Plaztik Mag and crew made a stop at the Elise Overland show on the extreme West Side of Manhattan at Exit Art. This large, open space typically dedicated to the visual arts was replete with celebrity-driven buzz with sightings of twinkle toes, Kelly Osbourne, model, Maggie Rizer, and of course, crowd favorite, Heidi Klum.

In my humbly fashionable and artistic opinion, Exit Art was a far better venue for those who actually want to see and photograph fashion than the claustrophobic milieu of Bryant Park. Not only was everyone relatively comfortable and able to see without sitting in some editor's lap, but the contrast of the cold, open space was perfect for viewing the warmly-toned, Star Trek-inspired scultpural leather dresses and outerwear. The collection consisted of the usual dark, muted tones typical of fall and winter, but was also punctuated by bursts of grape and electric blue and unexpected punches of brilliant orange and red.

My favorites were the unsually hirsute pieces that I can only describe as "Sasquatch Chic".

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