Monday, March 22, 2010

A Walk Around the Neighborhood - Bushwick

This past Saturday, even though we're still very much in the last spasms of winter, North Easters were treated to an extraordinary late spring preview. It was a pristine, cloudless day, and the temperature reached almost 80 degrees! I decided to go for a long walk to get out of my own neighborhood, and explore the very colorful Bushwick area of Brooklyn. I visited the Factory Fresh Gallery to pick up my painting from the Pufferella/McCutchen show (and ended up choosing another stunning piece by Dark Cloud).

A well-placed paste-up from Skewville in my over-developed neighborhood of Williamsburg
(what I sometimes refer to as, "Condo-burg").

Roberta's (left), is a place known in these parts for its brick-oven pizzas, and
which I have every intention of trying one day soon. A detail of more local color (right).
You can't go to this area of Brooklyn without seeing a something by the elusive stikman (left). This larger than usual pink piece appeared to be very fresh and new. What I love about coming here, is that there are loads of artist studios and there is always a new artistic surprise which is very inspiring. This mural (right) by the subway entrance wasn't here the last time I ducked down this particular street to get home.
A trompe l'oeil security camera paste-up.

A message in the details.

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