Sunday, March 14, 2010

Interlude in the Woods - New Hampshire Getaway

This past weekend, I escaped the New York area with some friends to the woods of New Hampshire. Our intent was to get out of the frenzied city, enjoy a change of scenery, and do some sort of a snow activity; like snowshoeing lessons. We reserved our trip over a month ago, but as time drew near, weather systems in New Hampshire got much warmer; and this meant no snowshoeing. The monsoon scheduled for the New England area, never quite happened and the New York region got everything, most disastrously. And so, some of us went skiing- others of us stayed behind to indulge in a slower pace and enjoyed the afternoon with a sojourn in the woods.

I enjoyed the fresh air and the winter scenery with a nice long walk. I was mindful to take a close look at the different textures of mushrooms, ice formations, fauna, and lichen, and was rewarded with these photos showing the fabulous diversity found in nature.

Some people were ice fishing on the lake, and we even encountered one of those romantic and fabled wooden covered bridges for which New England is famous (sorry, no pics).

Even though it was a dreary winter day, and the boats have been docked in expectation since their last day of summer, I encountered so much life holding the familiar signs with the promise of spring.

And now, back to the lodge and the fire place for some relaxation!

Always looking for love in unexpected places....

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