Monday, August 30, 2010

Superfresh - The Farmer's Market

On Saturday mornings, I've started a new ritual- getting up early, grabbing a coffee to go, and heading over to my local farmer's market at the park near my apartment. The produce is all fresh from upstate New York, and the abundance and color is simply incredible and inspiring. The difference in the freshness cannot be understated.

After getting home, I cooked up some of the eggs with the mushrooms, and experienced a total freshness conversion. Look at these rich colors! I just can't walk by and not buy something at outdoor food markets. A little advice though, as "they" always say, "never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach"!

Some of the bounty I brought home above: bee pollen, strawberries, oyster mushrooms, coral mushrooms, and eggs - all picked or collected earlier that morning.

And above is some of my artwork that my new adventures have inspired. Over these past few warm months, I have done a small series of vegetal pieces. It was good going outside of my old artistic routine, and creating some new works (away from the usual abstractions) invigorated and enlivened by my new routine.

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