Sunday, August 29, 2010

Smitten in the City - A Venetian Affair in Brooklyn

There's a conversation that's going on in the streets of Brooklyn. I pass this certain wall on my way home and have noticed that it changes every few days. Earlier this summer, it was painted solid black and begging for some enhancement. You may recall this cute little lady piglet from an earlier post, but she now appears to be taking part in a playful public communication and visual love letter between artists. The gesture of this elaborate accumulation reminds me of a book I read many years ago entitled, A Venetian Affair, about a clandestine love affair in 18th century Venice during its Golden Age of nobles and the splendor of the Grand Canal. The forbidden lovers exchanged secret letters back and forth through people who knowingly and unknowingly helped them. They also communicated publicly "through an elaborate code of nods and gestures".  
(from the synopsis on Amazon)

A prancing fleet of foxes surrounds the piglet, signed with a little note "♥ The Fox".

She replies with a Venetian lion, "Who is this fabulous Mr. Fox? ♥ Elle".

He replies, "Dirty paws and unwashed hair, just a little pup in the big city." 

The "letter" in its entirety.

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