Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wave Hill's Intense Summer Color Showcase

Wave Hill proved to be another shockingly natural discovery in the Bronx- you may recall my earlier post on City Island (also in the Bronx). Last weekend, I took a stroll through the gardens and greenhouses with my mom and cousin. This relaxing setting is situated directly across from the dramatic cliffs of the Palisades in New Jersey with the Hudson River serving as a picturesque divider. It is a calm place to sit and read, picnic, or stroll the grounds.

Wave Hill reminded me of the much larger Longwood Gardens in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a favorite place of mine to visit and decompress. The public gardens started out as many do, a private home. People can now enjoy an art workshop or weekend brunch. Check out some art exhibits in the adjacent villa and manor house. Tai Chi and sunset yoga classes make it very tempting to come back!

As I meandered through the grounds, I enjoyed examining and photographing the plants and butterflies as closely as possible. These photos are almost a rainbow, and reveal the expanse of colors manifested in many forms. This is a showcase of summer at its best!


  1. Kim, next time you visit I hope you will make a point of stopping in Glyndor Gallery. Currently there is an exhibition up on remediative public art, a subject on which our curator, Jennifer McGregor is a recognized authority. It's quite wonderful, and the gallery space is just larger enough to accommodate the contemporary work it features, but small enough to feel intimate. My office in the Communications Department is upstairs from the gallery, so I am lucky enough to be able to visit often.

  2. Hi Martha-
    Thanks for stopping by. I did see the contemporary lily pads made out of neon, and will surely be back to take in the splendors of fall. I'm sure it's beautiful there.

  3. OMG - the photography is STUNNING!! What a feast for the eyes!! Good work!


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