Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Feature - Sciencey

My work entitled, Rainbow Radiolaria V (below) was  displayed on my new favorite blog which features all sorts of scientific geekery. It prominently emphasizes some great biological imagery that will be great for future inspiration!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Smile! It's Monday

"Aren't I the cutest?" she seems to say. I met little Rosie pictured here at a friend's bridal shower yesterday. And she was the cutest, amusing herself by chasing squirrels and birds while we shared the backyard sipping summer cocktails and noshing on bite-sized shrimp and filet minon crostini.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Be-Jazzled - The Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island

Dapper gents and proper ladies partied Gatsby-style 'neath the ancient elms on another blazingly hot day in New York. Once again, Governors Island played the hostess with the mostest to a 1920s-era lawn party. Looking like a film set and despite the heat, many people were dressed very much in the spirit- the men with knee-socks and newsboy garb, the ladies with elaborate head pieces and hats, beaded dresses, even hose and gloves.

The day consisted of all sorts of good 'ol fashioned fun - Charleston lessons, a pie contest, highly polished vintage cars, carnival games and tug-of-war followed up by the finale, the Parade of Hats where the ladies showcased beautiful parasols and cloches. 

The day's activities were set to the authentic sounds of the Dreamland Orchestra with bandleader and frontman, Michael Arenella with his Clark Gable good looks.

Mega-phones and mobile phones.


My friend Layla (of focaccia and pickling class fame) and I sporting some glittery evening wear in front of this old jalopy. It was a very elegant day where you were immersed in the sights and sounds of the 1920s, and I was truly transported to another era.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Walk Around the Neighborhood - Williamsburg

Street decorations brighten the skies in preparation for the street carnival in celebration of the feast day for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in July.

The four-story high giglio (meaning "lily" in Italian) is carried or "danced" through the neighborhood during the week by dozens of men as a towering processional and devotional item. This year marks the 123rd anniversary of this event.

Below, this little guy looks like he's ready to cruise off for a day at the beach. 
I encountered many textural and iconic visuals during this walk. This landmark church above is a landmark that can be seen towering above the trees, and was once featured on a Seinfeld episode long ago. I never thought it would be right in my own backyard!

Friday, July 9, 2010

New York Fashion Week Re-cap - Sally Wu

The summer solstice is now officially behind us and the humidity this past week has really been unbearable, but once in a while we get a refreshing burst of air from the north and a breeze with a slight chill rolls through. Occasionally, a discolored leaf from the tree outside also falls to the ground and my thoughts immediately turn to Fall - my favorite season. It makes me think of chunky sweaters, back to school shopping, moody skies, and cups of hot tea. Even though we happen to be at the height of summer and soaring temperatures, New York's storefronts are already showing us the promise of cool weather with even cooler clothes to match. Speaking of cool clothes, at the tail end of Fashion Week, I attended the Sally Wu Fall presentation in Chelsea's art gallery district with my friends from Plaztik Mag.

The show featured light, finely-crafted sweaters and cleverly-constructed dresses and separates. The pieces embodied unusual forms, sculpted with an artistic, architectural quality. Simple yet detailed pieces were paired with sexy schoolgirl over-the-knee socks. The collection is composed primarily of black and white with neutral tones, allowing the Sally Wu woman to go  from day into night with ease and elegance. 
The fashion presentation was held at the Chambers Fine Art Gallery, a fitting venue for the triple-threat designer who is also trained in calligraphy, contemporary painting, and documentary film. The space was an intimate setting and the girls walked through the attentive, meandering crowd at eye level.
Who is the woman Sally Wu is dressing? She is part socialite, part bad-girl. She holds a high position in a creative industry or is the lead player in a philanthropy meeting; she then rushes off to afternoon tea with grandma. But after the pearls come off, she goes to meet her boyfriend who may be someone of whom grandma doesn't exactly approve.
Who is this Sally Wu girl? She's modern and fashionable. She's smart, balanced, and versatile. She's feminine, natural, adored. She is confident and effortlessly modern. She can wear something all day and look refined for a posh evening event without looking over-dressed. She can also be dressed-down and comfortable without looking sloppy. She appreciates modern, understated luxury without breaking the bank. She's someone I can see myself being friends with.
These are the clothes she is wearing when he takes notice of her and crosses the room to get to make her acquaintance. These are the clothes she is wearing to skip a day at work and spend a relaxing day with girlfriends. These are the clothes she is wearing to spend a polished night at the museum. These are the clothes she is wearing when life's most beloved moments happen.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blog Feature - The Fab Miss B

In a collective effort to re-design a friend's space, one of my pieces that fades from yellow to blue to green was chosen for her theme below:

"I looked for things that were cheerful, clean and classic, but also relaxed enough to feel warm, beachy and Hawaiian. Here are a few standouts."

I'm always happy to help inspire others - thank you, Miss B!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog Feature - Jennifer Garry

I had some new work featured on this blog where artistic, crafty items (and germaine words) are highlighted and cheerfully grouped. Today's word happened to be "melting" and one of my new pieces fits perfectly!

Pronunciation: \ˈmelt\
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English meltan; akin to Old Norse melta to digest, Greek meldein to melt — date: before 12th century.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Princes and Nachos - Polo on Governors Island

....and bubbly and stilettos. Last Sunday, Governors Island played host to a polo match, the sport of kings and nobility, featuring opposing teams, Black Watch and Black Rock. The teams were playing for the benefit of an HIV charity associated with England's Prince Harry. Without a doubt, Prince Harry and Nacho were easily the biggest draw today.
Prince Harry (No. 1 in the white jersey, left)

And I'm not talking about the kind of crunchy nachos dripping with cheese that you get at the movie theater, but Nacho Figueras, handsome model and Argentinian captain of winning team, Black Rock.
Photography cannot possibly convey the temperature on the blazing field. It was "Africa hot" during Sunday's polo match on Governors Island; rivaled only by the heat felt while meandering and haggling in the bazaars of Morocco. Under a golden umbrella, I shared a bottle of Veuve with Mimi and Jmzs. The champagne was a tasty and refreshing treat in today's "dog day". Even the horses were getting replaced every 10-15 minutes, but as a spectator, I thought I might nearly burst into flames.
Nacho in action on the field and with the crowds (above and below).

The fabulous fashions at the match consisted of bright and colorful airy summer dresses, big hats, parasols, and sandals or ultra-high heels. During the half, the announcer invited the stilletto-clad crowd to come out onto the grounds for the "divot stomp" to help replace the divots uprooted during the game. "Stay away from the steamy ones!" he warned.

The half-time divot stomp.

Looking as if he were born on a horse, my initial thought was that Prince Harry might be little more than a show pony, but after his infamous fall off of his horse early in the match, he actually scored a point or two. I was a little disappointed that he didn't acknowledge us peasants though. The youngest girls were here squealing with delight every time Prince Harry's horse roamed in the general vicinity.
Meanwhile, the women "of a certain age" swooned readily admitting that they were here to get a glimpse of Nacho. With a swing of his mallet, he got the crowd riled up on several occasions. The final score was 6/5 and the match went into overtime- not that anyone was really paying attention to anything besides the likes of the two most popular players. During half time, Mr. Figueras also took photos with the crowd making himself and the sport simultaneously accessible.
More of the ladies' fashions that were out and about at the match.

Decadent garbage.

Stay tuned for more summer fun on Governors Island with the Jazz Age Lawn Party.
It will surely be Gatsby at its best!