Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later

Last night, I happened to be on a boat after dusk. Looking towards the city as I often do, I was stunned (now annually) to see the two beams of blue light reaching into the night sky. The powerful rays kept going until they faded into oblivion, sometimes blocked by a low-lying cloud or two.

I recently moved and came across some memorabilia that I saved from the tragedy on 9/11. I thought today of all days, the ten year anniversary, would make this collection of clippings and other ephemera from that day more than relevant. It includes headlines from the New York Times, a Vanity Fair photo spread of everyone touched by this event, a new subway transit layout, an envelope requesting support from Nino's Restaurant (where first responders ate for six months), an email a year an a half later from Nino's to volunteers to celebrate all that was accomplished, a photograph that I bought from an exhibition entitled, "Here is New York- A Democracy of Photographs" of a teapot covered in WTC dust, and an article later appearing in the NY Times about the significance of that tea set to the family who owned it.