Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Floaty Travel Pens - Collecting

There's been a small collection lurking in my art studio. With a recent New Year's cleanup, I realized that I had a few of these old floaty pens lying around. I gathered them remembering trips to various locales over the years. As you can see from the photo above, they cover areas far and wide. In Spain, a couple dances the flamenco across the floor. Some are more domestic like Walt Disney World where a flummoxed Mickey Mouse gets tossed in the tide of the sorcerer's wrath. My favorite is the one retrieved from Venice, where a gondola glides swiftly past Basilica San Marco. One thing I know for sure- I need to do some more traveling soon to expand this little kitschy collection!


  1. Oh, I also started collecting those pens years ago, but have stopped again.
    My favourite pen is one with the former Pope floating in front of the Vatican City while waving to the people... :-)

  2. i love these! will keep my out for especially cutesy ones for you now & again.

    do you have any of the ones where the dude is in a speedo and then it slips off... ha.